hi, my name is simon!

As you can see, making websites is not my strongest suit. I am pretty good at working with audio, though!

You can find my latest EP ‘best before 05-31’ right here!

With over a decade of experience as a seasoned sound engineer and media designer in the dynamic realm of news broadcasting, I bring a wealth of technical proficiency to the table. Beyond the realms of news, my artistic endeavors extend to composing and producing music and soundscapes tailored for diverse mediums such as games, short films, audio dramas, and beyond.

If you seek a harmonious blend of technical finesse and creative ingenuity for your project, consider enlisting my services. Elevate your auditory experience with precision audio engineering, meticulous music production, and captivating composition. Let’s craft a sonic masterpiece together. Connect with me on Mastodon or Instagram, or drop me an email at me@laslojott.com to commence a symphony of collaboration.