A little too much (Single)

In the aftermath of a break up, a lot of emotions linger and chew on your soul. While you try to piece together what happened, you slowly get back up again. Anger and disappointment fade slowly, as you grow and learn from the lost love. 

But sometimes, wounds wont heal that easily. Sometimes you can’t grow past the feeling of resentment and sadness.


I still don’t know 
why you left 
why did you go? 

I still don’t see 
what you did 
did do to me 

But I 
I know this much 
I still miss your touch 
a little too much 

I see your face 
every night 
and every day 

I feel the pain 
but I wont 
do that again 

’cause I 
I locked the door 
so I wont feel the pain anymore 

I know you wont 
wont come back 
I’m sure you wont 

I stand alone 
but I hope 
you found your home 

But I 
I know enough 
I still miss your love 
a little too much


released January 14, 2020 
Written and produced by Laslo Jott