My parents sometimes talk about how I would play drums on nearly every surface and with every song they would play when I was a kid. I was given my first guitar when I was 12 and started teaching myself how to play it. This led to me fronting a punk band in 2008 and ultimately to me becoming a composer, singer, guitarist, bassist and sometimes drummer and to all the music you’ll find below.

If you’d like to have my music in your project or would like me to produce your track, please feel free to contact me:

simon janssen

For most of my musical career, I have released music under my moniker Laslo Jott. From time to time however, I choose to release things under my given name. Below, you will find everything I have written, produced or made as Simon:

laslo jott

Punk singers need cool names, right? So while being in a punk band, I came up with the moniker Laslo Jott. Made up from my middle name and the first letter of my last name, it had just a nice ring to it.

After the band came to a close and we all went our ways, I kept this name and started to use it on projects I did on my own. Below you can find all the singles, EPs and soundtracks, that I released as Laslo Jott over the years.

herr flamingo (2008 – 2013)

In 2008 a classmate approached me about forming a rock band together. I had been singing in an a capella group with friends and played some guitar, but had no idea about playing and singing in a band or writing songs for one.

After Riechel and Derf joined Stan and me on bass and drums respectively, we played our first shows under the name ‘WhatEver’. In 2009, we won a local band contest and advanced to regional finals. This earned us the option to record our first album, which would release as ‘Kaffee gibt’s um 03:00’ on July 3rd 2010, in time for the band’s name to change to ‘Herr Flamingo’.

Pictured here is the final line up with (from left to right): Laslo Jott (Me), Riechel, Derf and Sebastian, who had joined us on lead guitar.