Kaffee gibt’s um 03:00

by Herr Flamingo

“I’m alone, you’re alone…”

Winning the Local Heroes state semi-final in Lower Saxony in 2009 heralded it and now they’ve really done it: Mr. Flamingo (still “WhatEver” in Local Heroes’ day) are releasing their first CD! But before everyone rushes off in a panic, let’s take a look at what this CD has to offer.

“Never mind, here’s the CD!”

If you like Mr. Flamingo live, you’ll love them on CD. That much is clear from the outset. Because here are the songs for which the band with the pink mascot won the CD production in the first place. And of course there are also a few new songs that have yet to prove their suitability for live performance.

“For all my nice relatives, you will be the best present ever for Christmas…”

No matter what the occasion, be it Christmas, birthday, anniversary, anniversary, separation or just because: “Kaffee gibt’s um 03:00″ is an excellent, if not the best, gift. And Christmas is known to come sooner than expected…


released July 3, 2010 

Aufgenommen von Jannik Heino, Dorian Heyer und Simon Ringering im Studio des Musikzentrums Hannover 

Gemischt und Gemastered von Jannik Heino und Simon Ringering