Klabaster und Gerümpel

by Herr Flamingo

“We’ve done it!”

Where other bands waste money pointlessly and hide in recording studios for months, Mr. Flamingo simply show everyone how to record an EP without wasting huge sums of money and instead create “Klabaster und Gerümpel” in less than 7 days. A concept EP with the idea of getting the best out of the smallest possible budget.

“I’m looking for the brown sound and putting it out on record!”

And the four birds from Celle have done just that. Not least thanks to the painstaking and meticulous precision work of bassist and sound engineer Riechel, who spent many long sessions in the Vollkorn Records studios at home teasing every last ounce of super sound out of the recordings.

“…was it worth it?”

And to top it all off, Mr. Flamingo is not releasing “Klabaster und Gerümpel” on a pressed, elaborately produced CD but is offering them as burned, hand-drawn unique copies in equally hand-drawn cardboard sleeves.


released October 5, 2010 

Aufgenommen von Florian Riechel in den Vollkorn Records Studios, Wedemark. 

Produziert von Herr Flamingo