In 2012 I was fortunate enough to be picked as one of 21 out of over 1500 applicants, to join the A/V media design apprenticeship at the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (Northern German public broadcasting). There I learned to produce audio and video content for TV, radio and online. From operating cameras and editing video to setting up microphones, recording and post-producing live events and studio sessions and voice recordings, we learned to work in every technical position in A/V media production.

After the apprenticeship I began working at news radio station NDR Info in Hamburg, producing live radio, long-form pieces, jingles, show intros and outros, trailers and social media content.

In 2018 I was offered to join the ARD Studio in Washington, DC – the German public radio correspondent’s office in the US capital. There I could continue producing features (full list here) and would work on short-form radio pieces, live radio and TV segments, social media content and much more!

Below you’ll find a few clips from features I produced in DC:

From: “Ein großer, kleiner Schritt – Die erste Mondlandung vor 50 Jahren” [Link]

Written by: Jan Bösche
Voice Recording, Audio production, Mixing and Original Music: Simon Janssen

From: “Der automatisierte Krieg” [Link]

Written by: Jan Bösche
Voice recording, Audio production, Mixing and
Original Music by: Simon Janssen

From: “9/11 Boat Lift: Eine fast vergessene Rettungsgeschichte” [Link]

Written by: Antje Passenheim
Audio production and mixing: Simon Janssen

A full list of the 50+ radio features I have produced can be found [here]

Photo Gobbler's Knob


Die Korrespondenten in Washington

From November 2018 to November 2023 I recorded, edited and mixed the weekly ARD Podcast “Die Korrespondenten in Washington“.

Source: [Link]

Produced live-on-tape, this weekly discussion of the most important news topics in the United States from the past week would see a host and multiple guests in the studio or connected live from somewhere in the country. I took care of the recording, editing and post production of the podcast. After that, the episodes were available as a podcast and would be broadcast on NDR Info to an audience of up to 1.000.000 people.


Started during our shared apprenticeship, another Simon and me did the “Jottcast” together for roughly 3 years. After a brief hiatus of 6 years, we have started it back up! You can check it out here [Link] (in German!)

In this Podcast Simon and me talk about everything, that remotely interests us. From news to movies, from Geocaching to Olympic cities – we talk about it.

The intros and outros for the podcast were composed and produced by me. I also edit and produce every other episode, audio and video.

You Earned This

Since late 2023, I’ve taken on the role of audio editor for “You Earned This,” a podcast dedicated to exploring topics related to Medicare and Social Security under the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare. Additionally, I had the pleasure of crafting the distinctive intro and outro jingles for the podcast.

Should you require podcast editing or production services, or if you’re in need of custom jingles for your podcast, feel free to reach out to me via email at!


From my early days conquering Super Mario Land on the GameBoy to epic battles with friends in Pokémon Stadium and immersive adventures in Fallout 4, my lifelong love for gaming has fueled my passion for game music. As a kid, I marveled at the transformative power of game soundtracks, like the seamless transition in Banjo-Kazooie’s underwater portions.

This fascination has evolved into active involvement in various video game projects. Below, you’ll discover a collection of these projects.

If you’re seeking a captivating and immersive game soundtrack for your project, I offer specialized composition and production services. Let’s elevate your game’s experience to new heights! Feel free to connect with me at to discuss how we can bring your game’s soundtrack vision to life.